Friday, September 23, 2011


Better day, better test score, better amount of rest, better perspective. Today is just better.

Part of the better perspective is realizing what real hardships my friends are enduring. A dear family/friend's mom is in the hospital with a serious lung infection, but thankfully it sounds like she's turned a corner and is starting to improve. And while they are getting better, things just got tougher for another friend of mine. Please pray for our friends, Team Gramkow. Their son and little brother was born today, very premature. I'm sure they could use the extra prayers, support, and good thoughts.


Katie has been working her little tail off the past few weeks, getting ready for Piotique. She and her friend Erin have a little booth of craft stuff they sell. The little entrepreneurs have been doing this for three or four years, and are starting to get a real system going. At the booth this year: purses made out of old jeans, rag dolls, bracelets, and other beaded goodies.

I'm excited about it, because those jean purses were a great excuse to teach her how to sew, both by hand and with a sewing machine. I'm not an expert at either, but she has asked to try it for a long time. This was the motivator for me to sit down with her and show her the way. Plus, these little bags will make a great 4-H project and presentation, don't you think?

It did make me smile to see her running the machine:

Also, with tomorrow's Piotique comes Lainie's first dance performance. She has her moments, so we'll see how she feels about performing in front of the crowd.

Thank goodness for my in-laws, who are going to help Jay with the girls and the parade tomorrow afternoon. I'll be home sleeping, trying to rest up for my first night shift.


Some really cool things happened in the past week, too. I think they got lost in all the exhaustion, but they were still great.
  • Lainie sang me the Pledge of Allegiance. That was a tear-filled moment for me.
  • I got to listen to a presentation by Dr. Marianne Neifert, a national expert on breastfeeding.
  • With the curve, my last test wasn't too bad. At least, it wasn't the train-wreck from two weeks ago.
  • And, next week, financial aid finally arrives. 
 I would promise to not dwell on the bad stuff ever again, but I know I can't keep that promise. Some days, that's all you can see. Some days, you need a friend (or group of friends) pull you up, straighten your shoulders, and send you down the right path.

Thanks, friends!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've stopped making to-do lists because there is no way I can get done what needs done.
I've stopped double-accounting my checking account, because I know it's bad news every time.
I've stopped answering the home phone, because bets are that it's not good news.
I've stopped reading emails, because I don't have the time to do anything with them.
I'm letting myself down, at class, at clinicals, at home. With parenting, with housework, with just about everything.

It's tough right now. But it could be worse. And it will get better. And tomorrow is not a repeat of today.

Nope. Tomorrow provides all new opportunities to screw up. Or not.


So what do I do on tough days like this? Before I even started my homework, I read an extra book to the Littles at bedtime. I spent an extra five minutes with each of the Bigs before their bedtime. I did dishes and tried to do laundry. And when the washer spun out of balance again, I didn't turn it off with more force than necessary. (See! I'm learning! Breaking the on-off button on the washer does NOT help the situation!) No. I opened the lid, and walked away.

I guess what I'm saying is, I could use some prayers! I don't have any big burdens right now, but all these little burdens are getting awfully heavy.


I heard this song on my way home today. It made me smile, and maybe it will you too: