Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013

Carving pumpkins

The end result. Mine is puking because that is the scariest thing I could think of.

Trick or treating with daycare...
Taking care of lil' bro
Trick or treating at church, while celebrating the Saint part of All Saints Day

Trick or treating at preschool...
Family trick or treating

John as "Si"

My Duck Dynasty Dudes and one photo-bomber

Black Swan

A K-State Veterinarian

Hip Hop Witch

Purple Ballerina

Typical day

It's just a typical Tuesday around here...except that I decided today to write about my comings and goings just so years from now, I'll look back at this and say, "Wow. That's freaking insane." Or maybe it'll make me have a little more compassion for a busy mom some day when my life seems more sane.

Wake up at 5 a.m. to feed the baby.
Fall back asleep and sleep through the alarm clock.
Wake up at 6:52 with an "oh, shit" and jump into action.
Wake up Maggie, Lainie, Natalie, and Katie with a "no dawdling, girls! We slept in!"
Remind Lainie to take her pajamas off before she puts her clothes on.
Ask Natalie to go to the living room until the madness calms, since she doesn't need to be out the door until 9.
Supervise teeth brushing.
Headband for Lainie's hair, comb through for Maggie's mane, quick braid for Katie per her request (sure I have time for a french braid), and pony tail for Natalie.
(Thank goodness John is asleep upstairs.)
Oh, spoke too soon. John's awake.
Make sure girls got their morning medications.
Pour cereal for little girls. Make sure older girls eat an appropriate amount.
Hats. Coats. Backpack. Maggie, get back here! You forgot your planner.
Great day for the bus to be late. Big girls out the door at 7:17.
Now, Natalie finish getting dressed.
John needs a diaper change, outfit change, and mama milk.
Oh, wait. I should probably get out of my pajamas. And makeup. And teeth brushing. Food can wait.
 At least I can sit quietly while I'm feeding John.
Break time is over. John playing on the floor.
Change laundry batches.
Clean off kitchen dishes and start the dishwasher.
To the living room to fold while kids play.
Confine John to a walker, then head upstairs and put away clothes for five. (Katie is on her own.)
Pay four medical bills. There goes another $500.
Out the door at 8:45, speech folder in hand.
Call in prescription refills on the way to town.
Natalie to speech at 9.
Get gas in van.
Pay daycare.
Pick up Natalie at 9:30.
Shop for needed infant shirt at ShopKo (no), Gibsons (no), Dollar Store (no). So much for buying this item local.
Pick up prescriptions at pharmacy. Throw down another $100. Repeat this mantra: it's cheaper than an ER visit.
Splurge on a kid sized cone for Natalie for her patience. Thank clerk for giving it to her for free.
Home for lunch. Leftovers. Yum. Not.
John fell asleep on the way home, so lay him down.
Quick nap for Nat and me.
John woke up. My nap shortened to 20 minutes, but still helpful. Natalie is still sleeping.
Lunch for John, then playtime. I have to conscientiously put down the iPad and turn off the TV. Little man rewards me with some killer grins.
Start a painting project for this year's Christmas cards.
Take some snapshots of John for said cards.
More mama milk for John. And a little snack.
More laundry. Fourth batch for today.
Quick...just enough time to clean out the fridge. Another batch into the dishwasher.
Jay's home. Girls are right behind him.
Snack time.
Throw supper in the oven.
Feed little man again.
Listen to Lainie read.
Have a "talking to" with Maggie about a missing assignment. Supervise her completion of it.
Check in on Katie's algebra homework.
Give Natalie permission to play on the computer.
John still in my arms.
All papers signed, completed, and tucked into backpacks.
"Girls, set the table. Feed and water the dog. Change batches. Katie, put away your clothes."
Just enough time to paint with Lainie and Katie. Maggie has to wait until her room is clean.
"Maggie, put away all the clothes on your bed."
Supper time. With fifteen minutes for Lainie to eat before she needs to leave for dance class.
To town to deliver Lainie. Back home to feed John.
Back to town for Natalie's dance class. Stay this time.
Gas in the car.
Pajamas and mama milk for the baby.
Girls in the bath. "Don't forget to take off your clothes before you get in."
John to bed.
Girls out of the bath.
Bedtime meds.
Brush teeth.
Bedtime books.
Hugs and kisses.
Oh, not bedtime for me yet.
Load and start the dishwasher.
Bag carrots with Jay for the next market.
Pay another bill.
Check emails. Email a teacher. Chat with a friend.
Finish this post...then shower, one DVRd sitcom, then bed.

Just a typical day.