Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let the summer begin

School's out for the summer.

That means:
  • No more struggling to find five sets of matching socks every morning.
  • No more 6:15 wake ups to get them on the bus/out the door.
  • No more nights running to this activity or that practice.
  • No more homework (although we are starting our own version of summer school next week)
  • No more "daddy's at work". His work will just be here.
  • No more daycare, which means that not only does K get to start babysitting this year, but also means I get to see and snuggle on my kiddos as soon as I get up in the afternoons between shifts.
  • I am officially the only one that absolutely MUST be somewhere at a specific time. We can wing it. We need some winging it time.
Here's hoping your summer is everything you want it to be. If you are looking for me, I'm either at work, or playing with the kids. ---- So what's happened since March 24? Oh, nothing much. Just an 8-year-old birthday, First Communion, a track season, 5 band or music concerts, the end of religion class and dance class for the year, all four girls' dance recital, John standing but not quite walking, a bazillion hours of work, thousands of plants in the ground, not too many nasty storms, no major illnesses, two big high school graduations, and the warming up and greening up of everything.