Monday, March 12, 2012

Who are you again, and why do we share the same name?

This week I learned a lot. I learned about mental illness, what it feels like to be behind multiple barbed-wire fences, how to be "rude for a minute", and much more. But best of all, I learned how to appreciate my husband.

From Sunday to Sunday, we spent less than 30 minutes together. By together, I mean in the same room at the same time AND awake. I had a three day field trip for school, one day of lecture, followed by three nights of work and three days of sleeping, plus some extra napping to kick this cold I caught. He had five days of work plus kids plus gardening, followed by one day of tilling with a rented tractor, followed by planting while I slept. Even last night, he had grading and I had homework. We were both in the house but both silently working.

I miss Jay. He's such a good husband and father. Like any good man, he has his days. :) But his days are few and far between, and usually caused by lack of sleep from teaching all day, gardening all evening, and grading into the night. Truly, how many men know how to put in ponytails and cook healthy, delicious dinners and grow amazing produce and teach junior high kids.

Fourteen years ago this week I met Jay at Longhorns in Aggieville on a Wednesday night...typical behavior for me, a rare occurrence for him. I wish I had a better story for the girls (Of course, I met your father at Church. Or at class! Ya, that's it. At class!) but yes, we are one of the many, many Aggieville marriages.

And what a great marriage it is!
Hanging out in Colorado, pre-kids