Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lainie!

It's one crazy week, one of those weeks where I'll look back and say, "how did we make it through?" Briefly, I have 5 tests, Katie 4-H presentation, Maggie IEP, Jay farmers market meeting and garden tour, Lainie's speech and of course Jay's IVs twice a day. But, the most important event is by far Lainie's birthday!!!

We celebrated on Saturday with family, Sunday a little bit more, and she gets a party at preschool and at daycare today (her actual birthday). I'm bummed I can't be at her preschool party, but I really need to be at work today. She didn't seem to care, as long as I sent the ice cream cone cupcakes with her. In fact, I offered to take her to school this morning and get to work late, but she kept telling me she wanted to ride the bus. And so, I sent her off, with at least one of us disappointed.

But enough with the disappointment! She had a fabulous birthday weekend. As Jay put it, "I don't think she stopped smiling all day Saturday!"

She got Dora balloons and cake, lots of L's on the window (her request), a picnic supper outside with friends and family, and ice cream. Uncle Derek surprised us with all the power wheels, which were a HUGE hit!

So, with that, Lainie is 4. Lainie is my determined one, independent, driven. She finds way to get/do what she wants to do, without hurting anyone in the process. She would rather back down than battle, with everyone but Maggie. She loves to snuggle in and listen to books, play Barbies or baby dolls, or be outside playing. Lainie is a mama's girl, almost always preferring me over anyone else. She loves Dora the Explorer and princesses. She sings all the time; even if you can't understand the words, you can recognize the tune. She is patient, (usually) sweet, quiet, and petite. She changed my life in so many ways, and I'm so grateful for every day with her!

Happy Birthday to my sweet #3, Elaine Suzanne, Lainie Sue!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thumb my nose at you, fate!

Fate must be a cat, and we are nothing but a ball of yarn to batt at. Add a round of stomach flu for me and two flat tires to the week. Major illnesses, surgery, and storm damage we can handle, but a flat tire on a hectic morning and a day and a half down-and-out just seems too much.

But it's better now. Tires fixed, stomach almost better, an afternoon to study, Maggie's glasses on order, the mobile high tunnels relocated, and things are as stable as they can get in our house...for now.

Really, it can always be worse. I can see that now. They are already better, and they could always be worse.

The big excitement for the week was Katie's program Monday night. (And I'm thankful I didn't get sick until after the program.) Not only did she have a speaking part, but she had a speaking part BECAUSE she asked for one from the teacher (the "screaming teacher" as Maggie calls her) at the beginning of this semester. As Katie retold it, "I told Mrs. XXX, 'I really want to have a speaking part in the fine arts program this year. What can I do to get one?" That took some serious cahoonas, from my easily-intimidated daughter.

And she did great!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lainie's Progress: 4 years old

These make me proud, happy, and sad, all at the same time.

I'm so proud of how hard Lainie is working to get back her words. She asked me this week why she had to go "play with Naomi" and I told her it was so it would be easier for her to say the words she wants to say, so that everyone can understand them. That answer seemed to satisfy her, and the fact that she asked the question impressed me. In fact, every time she shows us what's going on behind those big brown eyes, I smile a big smile.

I'm so happy that she is making progress and is ABLE to make progress. We could be traveling down a much harder path, if not for the grace of God.

And I'm still a little sad, every time some one looks to me to interpret, every time she gives up trying to tell us something, and especially every time her eyes well up with big crocodile tears because someone close to her didn't understand what she is trying to tell her/him. I hurt for her, but I hope for her, too. The two can go hand in hand.

But today, we celebrate progress made!
ABCs...the hand waving is her signing "now I know" and "sing with me":

Bedtime prayer:

Saturday, April 17, 2010


That’s it. I cry, “Uncle.”

I’m tired, to the point that I’m making stupid, dangerous mistakes. I am just so tired. I can’t take anything else on my plate, anything else to worry about. I’m maxxed out.

I feel like a runner who can see the finish line but physically feels out of juice, like you can’t go one more step. But then, you see the crowd, you hear the cheers, you can smell the success, and from somewhere deep inside comes a burst of energy that gets you over the finish line with a smile. I can see the finish line, it’s only about 5 more weeks, 8 more night class sessions, 1 paper and 3 more chapters for nutrition, 3 more weeks of Jay’s IVs. Now, I’m just looking for that burst of energy to get me through.

But, if you asked me tonight, I’d admit I’d rather lay down on the race course and take a 3-day nap. If only that was an option!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I think is wrong with the country.

Common sense is gone. It is replaced with
  • laws that make it illegal to put gestating sows in farrowing crates... because letting them squash-and-kill and eat their young is a much better alternative?
  • regulations that require all restaurants to post the nutritional information for all menu items... because someone who thinks Freddy's frozen custard is low in fat is actually going to be able to comprehend the dietary guidelines?
  • lawsuits from school districts suing the state to give them more money...because the state actually has any more to give?
  • an education testing system that requires all students meet average standards... because everyone is equally intelligent?
  • ...there are so many more, but I've probably made enough people mad.

There are too many people without common sense running things. It's as if everyone with a lick of sense just got tired of the fight and became apathetic. Instead of fighting for the reasonable approach, they now just sit back and say, "ah, forget it. Do what you want. I don't care anymore." And those without common sense make up for their ignorance with determination. They are so convinced they are right, that they are unwilling to listen to the other side of the argument or broaden their knowledge base, in fear that they may be proven wrong.

I don't think I'm right all the time. Far from it. But I am willing to listen to your reasons and make an informed decision. All I ask is for the mutual respect, and that you return the favor. Talk to me...maybe we can work something out.

And as I type this, I realize I'm guilty of being the dominating ignorant one, when it comes to parenting. Maybe as a Mom I'm supposed to be in charge, but I also could take time, more often, to listen to the "why" they don't think they should do something. If the reason why is a, well, reasonable one, then maybe we can negotiate. If it's something as substantial as Maggie's standard, "Because it's BOR-RING!", then I can return to my alpha female role.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Menu, better late than never

April 2010

Green eggs and toast
Ham sandwiches
April Fools meal: faux chicken nuggets, potato cupcakes
Donut day
Frozen meal
Tuna hoagies
Toast and jam
Pork lo mein and egg rolls
4-Easter Sunday
Ham and sweet potatoes
Deviled eggs, leftovers
Egg burrito
Frozen lunch
PBJ sandwiches, chips
Bierocks casserole
PB toast
Crockpot chicken
Toast and fruit
Grilled kabobs and rice
Donut day
Cheese quesadillas and nachos

Scrambled eggs
Chicken pasta, breadsticks
Baked pigs-in-a-blanket
Crockpot Roast
Toast and jam
Frozen meal
BBQ beef, cole slaw
Grilled pork chops, pasta salad
Fried Chicken meal
Fried chicken salad

Donut day
Kid kabobs
17-5-Star Pig Sale
Picnic lunch
Sloppy joes and chips
Breakfast supper
Egg sandwich
Frozen lunch
Crockpot lasagne
Toast and jam
PB toast
Hot dogs and mac-n-cheese
French fries and baked nuggets
Orange chicken rice bowl
Donut day
Leftover lunch
Homemade pizza
Cereal and fruit
Grilled burgers, baked beans
Grilled pork chops, salad
26-Lainie’s birthday
PB toast
Lainie’s choice
Stuffed pasta
Egg sandwich
Pork stir fry
Toast and fruit
Grilled kabobs

Quesadillas, super nachos

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just busy

Not a lot of time to post much, so let's make it bullets.

  • Jay's foot is feeling better, although it is still red and hot tonight. He's almost done with the crutches, and will return to work next Monday.
  • The garden planting is going well. Details at the new farm blog:
  • Lainie's flat tympanogram is probably due to wax! YAY! Maybe not tubes, after all.
  • Natalie's "not-my-favorite" behavior is most likely due to her ear infection returning. We took her in Thursday and was "clear" but it's raging today.
  • Katie had a dentist appointment today...her first cavity. She was a trooper! She said it didn't hurt at all, which I think is a testament to Dr. Joe and his team.
  • Maggie is heading to glasses. Her eye is bad enough that she can't pass the eye test anymore. Appointment April 21.
  • Anthony's birthday on Friday.
  • Girls' dance recital is Sunday, rehearsal Saturday.
  • Class is going well, still holding an A in A&P. Trying to crunch a bit on Nutrition, so I can get it done by the 2nd week of May. Still need to find a CNA course for this summer.
  • Cannot believe I only have 6 more weeks of class this semester!
  • Work is work. I'm trying my best!