Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just busy

Not a lot of time to post much, so let's make it bullets.

  • Jay's foot is feeling better, although it is still red and hot tonight. He's almost done with the crutches, and will return to work next Monday.
  • The garden planting is going well. Details at the new farm blog: highfarming.blogspot.com
  • Lainie's flat tympanogram is probably due to wax! YAY! Maybe not tubes, after all.
  • Natalie's "not-my-favorite" behavior is most likely due to her ear infection returning. We took her in Thursday and was "clear" but it's raging today.
  • Katie had a dentist appointment today...her first cavity. She was a trooper! She said it didn't hurt at all, which I think is a testament to Dr. Joe and his team.
  • Maggie is heading to glasses. Her eye is bad enough that she can't pass the eye test anymore. Appointment April 21.
  • Anthony's birthday on Friday.
  • Girls' dance recital is Sunday, rehearsal Saturday.
  • Class is going well, still holding an A in A&P. Trying to crunch a bit on Nutrition, so I can get it done by the 2nd week of May. Still need to find a CNA course for this summer.
  • Cannot believe I only have 6 more weeks of class this semester!
  • Work is work. I'm trying my best!

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