Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lainie!

It's one crazy week, one of those weeks where I'll look back and say, "how did we make it through?" Briefly, I have 5 tests, Katie 4-H presentation, Maggie IEP, Jay farmers market meeting and garden tour, Lainie's speech and of course Jay's IVs twice a day. But, the most important event is by far Lainie's birthday!!!

We celebrated on Saturday with family, Sunday a little bit more, and she gets a party at preschool and at daycare today (her actual birthday). I'm bummed I can't be at her preschool party, but I really need to be at work today. She didn't seem to care, as long as I sent the ice cream cone cupcakes with her. In fact, I offered to take her to school this morning and get to work late, but she kept telling me she wanted to ride the bus. And so, I sent her off, with at least one of us disappointed.

But enough with the disappointment! She had a fabulous birthday weekend. As Jay put it, "I don't think she stopped smiling all day Saturday!"

She got Dora balloons and cake, lots of L's on the window (her request), a picnic supper outside with friends and family, and ice cream. Uncle Derek surprised us with all the power wheels, which were a HUGE hit!

So, with that, Lainie is 4. Lainie is my determined one, independent, driven. She finds way to get/do what she wants to do, without hurting anyone in the process. She would rather back down than battle, with everyone but Maggie. She loves to snuggle in and listen to books, play Barbies or baby dolls, or be outside playing. Lainie is a mama's girl, almost always preferring me over anyone else. She loves Dora the Explorer and princesses. She sings all the time; even if you can't understand the words, you can recognize the tune. She is patient, (usually) sweet, quiet, and petite. She changed my life in so many ways, and I'm so grateful for every day with her!

Happy Birthday to my sweet #3, Elaine Suzanne, Lainie Sue!

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