Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Still going

Some days I feel like the energizer bunny. I'm up before anyone else in the family, trying to change batches of laundry and at least brush my teeth before morning madness insues. Then it's run to daycare, run to work, run to home, fix supper, family time, bedtime for the girls, and now runtime...then maybe my bedtime. I'm the first one up, last one down, and don't stop all day long. I actually hear myself thinking...just keep going and going and going....

So what did I GO do this weekend? The house is still clean, if not a little cleaner. That's good enough for me. Actually, my all-around-awesome DH was putting drywall in our soon-to-be bathroom, and it was my job to take care of everything else so he can finish it. I didn't run on Saturday, persay, but I did do 2 hours of housework and 12 hours of mommy-work. I think that was enough of a workout. Sunday I was back to it, and ran another 2 miles Sunday and Monday nights.

Last night I looked up my time at last year's race, which was my first race since high school. I ran 2 miles in 16.57, which still blows my mind. I know, you serious racers are thinking how snails pace that is, but I'm very proud of that. My goal is to do at least that this March. Right now I'm running 20 minute 2-miles on the treadmill. 9 weeks to go, 4 miles to lose. Should be interesting! All I have to do is keep going, and going, and going...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Still running

Here's a secret: yesterday's post was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, so now the dates are all messed up. And I'm worrying about that because...I'm a crazy control freak. Anywho...

Last night I had to rely on my sister in law to get me running. Dude, I am hurtin'! I did run another 2 miles, a little under 25 minutes when you include the walking warm-up. I did about 5 sit-ups but my abs are still killing me from the day before.

And to add to the craziness of my life, the shower that was going to be installed yesterday didn't fit through our basement door. To get it in, my DH cut a hole in the side of our walkout basement, put the shower through, then installed a new window. It all sounds so very redneck, but it looks awesome and was done right. DH may be super-relaxed about some things, but when it comes to working on our house, he's as control-freak, detailed as I am about everything else.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New 2008

resIt's January 3rd and I'm just now starting my first resolution -- to blog. I figure if I give myself a few minutes a day to post here, maybe I can keep my crazy life in check. So, what are my illustrious goals for 2008?
1-Run the 2 mile at the St. Paddy's Day race in Manhattan. (Kansas, that is, for anyone who randomly stumbles across this blog.)
2-Stay healthy, or as healthy as my body will let me. resolution
3-No yelling at the kids. I can get through to them so much more when my voice stays calm.
4-Say no more often. To people outside my family, that is. I've committed to too much and now it's time to stick with my priorities.
5-Remember my priorities every day. Family, God, then work.

And why the need for resolutions? I ran (not physically, that is...just figuratively) too much too hard for too long last year and the year before that and before that. The result was a total physical collapse in the fall. I do NOT want to get to that point again. And that's where the blog comes in. Hopefully by posting my goals, for myself more than anything, I can get reminded of them throughout the year. And maybe stick to them past June.