Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New 2008

resIt's January 3rd and I'm just now starting my first resolution -- to blog. I figure if I give myself a few minutes a day to post here, maybe I can keep my crazy life in check. So, what are my illustrious goals for 2008?
1-Run the 2 mile at the St. Paddy's Day race in Manhattan. (Kansas, that is, for anyone who randomly stumbles across this blog.)
2-Stay healthy, or as healthy as my body will let me. resolution
3-No yelling at the kids. I can get through to them so much more when my voice stays calm.
4-Say no more often. To people outside my family, that is. I've committed to too much and now it's time to stick with my priorities.
5-Remember my priorities every day. Family, God, then work.

And why the need for resolutions? I ran (not physically, that is...just figuratively) too much too hard for too long last year and the year before that and before that. The result was a total physical collapse in the fall. I do NOT want to get to that point again. And that's where the blog comes in. Hopefully by posting my goals, for myself more than anything, I can get reminded of them throughout the year. And maybe stick to them past June.

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