Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thumb my nose at you, fate!

Fate must be a cat, and we are nothing but a ball of yarn to batt at. Add a round of stomach flu for me and two flat tires to the week. Major illnesses, surgery, and storm damage we can handle, but a flat tire on a hectic morning and a day and a half down-and-out just seems too much.

But it's better now. Tires fixed, stomach almost better, an afternoon to study, Maggie's glasses on order, the mobile high tunnels relocated, and things are as stable as they can get in our house...for now.

Really, it can always be worse. I can see that now. They are already better, and they could always be worse.

The big excitement for the week was Katie's program Monday night. (And I'm thankful I didn't get sick until after the program.) Not only did she have a speaking part, but she had a speaking part BECAUSE she asked for one from the teacher (the "screaming teacher" as Maggie calls her) at the beginning of this semester. As Katie retold it, "I told Mrs. XXX, 'I really want to have a speaking part in the fine arts program this year. What can I do to get one?" That took some serious cahoonas, from my easily-intimidated daughter.

And she did great!

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