Monday, October 13, 2008

Let the nesting begin!

I can't say if I'm nesting, really, because it doesn't seem accurate to start nesting at 22 weeks. Maybe I know that, in 15-18 weeks, I won't feel up to the heavy cleaning that I'm doing now. Or, maybe it's just me freaking out at the idea of having 4 kids to organize. The caring for, loving, snuggling, attention-giving ... I'm ready for that. It's the "where are my shoes" and "what do I wear today" and that books and toys scattered everywhere that are freaking me out.

So, I cleaned out our entry closet. All too small shoes from that closet and from both kids' bedrooms' closets have been moved to a spare closet. (Dude, my house has nothing if not closets!) The same with all jackets and coats. All winter mittens, scarfs and hats are in a quilt bag -- you know, the zipper ones that new quilts and comforters come in -- and stored away. And the shelves have been cleaned off, leaving Katie, Maggie, and Lainie each with their own designated shelf for their shoes and a designated hook for their jackets and coats.


All toys -- ALL toys -- and books have been removed from Katie and Maggie's room, and the toddler bed moved in there. And then, Lainie moved in there. Her clothes are still in her room, but I need to get her transitioned to sleeping in their room before the baby comes. I know it's possible to have an older child and newborn share a room, but I don't want to make any of the girls lose out on that sleep. And while it doesn't work for everyone or every newborn, all three of our girls have slept in the crib from day one. So, now the baby's room is vacated (pending Lainie's successful transition to the big girl room) and ready for me to attack that space.


There is a room in the basement with unfinished sheetrock that we call the office. Well, I call it the room-with-the-potential-to-be-the-office. I need to encourage DH to finish the walls in that room and move the desks to the basement. Then I can move the office from the main floor to the basement. That will let Lainie ride her bike and play in a bean-filled sandbox while I'm working from home. And, even better, the current office space will become a room for Katie and Maggie. The plan is for it to have a desk for their art supplies (Katie: "art center"), 3 bookshelves of books (Katie: our library), and Katie's beanbag chair and Maggie's birthday present (Katie: "our reading center). (Katie loves HGTV!) Also, all annoying toys that aren't toddler friendly, like those blasted polly pockets, are to be kept in and played only in that room. It'll be off-limits to Miss Lainie and the baby. Deadline: ASAP, please.


Clean my room out. Organize all baby clothes, size 0-18 months. Clean and purge the laundry room. Attack the play room closet.

Got any other ideas? How to be organized? Fall cleaning? Reassurance on mothering 4?

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