Friday, March 19, 2010

Give me a break

Ask and you shall receive.

This spring break has been fantastic, healing for all, er, make that MOST, of us.

For Katie's first day out of school, she came to work with me. Even though it meant most of the day was spent on the computer, she loved it, and I did too. We probably had the best time in the car, just talking about stuff. And, if there is ONE thing Katie is great at, it's talking. Thus, Katie had her special day.

On the second day of spring break, I celebrated Maggie's special day. She requested Pizza Hut and bowling, an easy request to fill. We were joined by our special friends, to make it even better. Maggie made it super-uper by bowling a crazy 112! I can barely bowl that!

The rest of the week went something like this:
  • Sunday, I forgot about the time change and had everyone ready for church...15 minutes after it started. DOH! My aunt came up for the day, and my cousin and her daughter came Sunday night, so that... And Jay worked on his high tunnels.
  • On Monday, I got to show Courtney all around Manhattan and K-State. It would be awesome if she decided to attend here. And Jay worked on his high tunnels.
  • On Tuesday, I took my final in Human Growth and Development. It's such a relief to have one class complete. And Jay worked on his high tunnels.
  • On Wednesday, I went to work. And Jay worked on his high tunnels.
  • On Thursday, I had organized a 4-H craft day for Katie's 4-H club. Katie and Maggie participated, making a bulletin board, canvas bags, and letters for their walls. Even better, Jay's mom came up and helped. It was such a comfort just knowing someone in the room had a clue what they were doing with a glue gun. Crafting=not my forte. Thursday afternoon and night, I managed to finish up two more chapters in Nutrition. And Jay worked on his high tunnels.
  • On Friday, work. And now, watching the Librarian while Jay snores next to me. And Jay completed four of his six planned high tunnels.
  • Saturday will be a lot of Lainie and Natalie time, hanging out at home, enjoying the snow, watching K-State basketball. And by Sunday night, I need to get my Anatomy and Physiology homework done.

It may not seem like much of a break, but can you imagine us trying to get all that done in a normal week? I think not!


We could use some prayers, if you don't mind. Jay's foot is still not good, from puncturing it over a month ago. He's had a couple tests already, and has an MRI on Monday and an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. It could be an infection of some sort. The biggest problem is, if they have to do anything invasive to fix it, he's really afraid of being laid up for any length of time. He has invested so much into the garden, in time, money, heart... and I'm just not sure how he'll do what he needs and wants to do if he's not 100 percent. So, please say the prayers for an easy fix to his foot.

I hope you all are enjoying your break, if you got one!

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