Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice compliment!

On the way to town tonight, the idea of mom swapping came up. Specifically, Maggie thought two boys in her grade should swap moms so that "the mom's hair matched the boy's hair." Then the conversation morphed into swapping me with another mom:

"Would you want to swap me for someone else's mom?"
"NO WAY!!"
"Not even for one that yelled less?"
"Oh, mom, you don't yell at us."
"I don't yell at you?! Really?!?"
"Well, it doesn't seem like much. Maybe a little, but only when we need it."

And that made me happy. I feel like I yell ALL the stinkin' time, usually to be heard over the chaotic conversations. It made my heart smile to know that how I feel isn't how they hear it.

And, they'll keep me... for now. :)

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