Saturday, August 6, 2011

Growing, a little bit

In the past month, I got all four girls in for a physical. I know, it's supposed to be near their birthday, but it is just more convenient to do it all in August. Besides, it's only one month early for Katie, three months early for Maggie, and three months late for Lainie... that works for me.

I'm sure Katie doesn't want me sharing any specifics; she's getting to that age. But, in all vagueness, I have a bunch of runts!
  • Natalie is 34 inches long and weighs 26 pounds. That makes her 22 percentile for height, 11 percentile for weight for her age.
  • Lainie is 42 inches tall, 37 pounds. That makes her 45th percentile for height, 50 percentile for weight for her age. (About average!)
  • Maggie is 48.5 inches tall, 55 pounds. That makes her 25 percentile for height, 50 percentile for weight for her age.
  • And Katie, too, is a small one, at 25 percentile for height. (Come on, she's turning ten. She doesn't want her weight listed here!)
So, it doesn't look like my girls inherited the Peterson (recessive) or Albers height. Sure, that's the recessive gene that skips this generation. And, none of them are still on the same growth curves they were as infants and toddlers. Or, maybe we are in store for some crazy growth spurts any day now.

The rest of the appointments were great, too. No big surprises, got all the school shots and doctors notes completed. Add an allergy medicine back on for one, no more seizure medicine for another, maintain this one's medications as is, none for the runt of the pack.

Oh, wait... they are all runts, aren't they? I always was a sucker for the runt.

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Tara said...

Love your updates. :)

And genetics are weird, aren't they? Fascinating too, but weird. If my three kids grow to their predicted adult heights, Aden and Lily will be the same height (about 5'7") and Ronan will be 6'4". So one runt, one average, and one giant, lol.