Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 months

As of August 3, John is 5 months old. That's awfully close to half-a-year for this mama. We are enjoying this stage, not quite mobile but definitely interacting with us, giggling, smiling, starting to make his needs known.

He does say "mama" when he's mad and lots of gooos and ssisssisss that the girls think means sister and girl. As of today, August 13, he is sitting up on his own...for a few seconds. We still have a set of hands ready to catch him when he weeble-wobbles over.

He loves to stand and hold onto hands. Thankfully, there are plenty of hands around here that like him to hold onto them.

He started daycare on Monday with no problem. I got a little weepy when I left but tried to suck it up. It is hard going to work all night without him and knowing he needs to be at daycare before I leave and after I get home so I can sleep a little. But it's only a few days each week.

He has recovered from the pertussis with no major problems. He does still have a cough, especially when he cries, but they said that could take months or years to end.

Otherwise, he is a healthy, happy little boy!

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