Monday, October 21, 2013

Celebrating 10, mall-style

Miss Maggie turned 10! She is still my most gregarious, fun-loving, work-hating, smart, stubborn, determined, single-minded, reading-crazed, colorful child.

In our family, double-digit means you can get your ears pierced. And she was ready!

During, aka Maggie's "not-going-to-cry" face


Friends (and BFF necklaces) make everything better

And maybe a sibling or four

And maybe some orange leaf to top it off.
We were going to have a picnic on top of a big hill, but crazy Kansas snow in October deterred that.

And as far as caring for her ears, she forgot the first day. Then I said something about googling infected ears. I had to leave for work so didn't get back to it, but the next day she told me she had already cleaned them twice by ten a.m. I asked if she wanted to google those infected earlobe pictures, she said, "Don't worry. I did. I'll clean them. I promise." Thanks, google! And all those crazy images!

Party continues today, as every ten-year-old birthday should be a multi-day fest.
Maggie's dinner choice: breakfast supper of waffles, blue scrambled eggs, and bacon.

Our double-digit daughter!

We love you, Maggie!

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