Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring fling

To quote M, "this is probably the best spring break ever. An 11 out of ten!"

A hike on Konza Prairie, with John on my back.
A mom and kids bike ride, with the youngest two in the bike trailer.
A day at the Discovery Center, learning more about that prairie we hiked...and playing some football with friends.
A sleepover.
A birthday party.
Pillsbury Crossing, and the story of when daddy proposed.
A pile of potential 4-H photos.
Road trip for Mom and kids.
A dance competition.
The addition of a bucket calf and steer to our crazy farmlet.
Add in a couple shifts for me, and a week of garden work for Jay.
And that's what I'd call a full spring break.
(Only bummer was Daddy couldn't join us on most of our fun.)

I worked really hard this week to concentrate less on recording the memories and more on enjoying no pictures today. No videos. But five happy kids.

And one happy mama.

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