Monday, February 8, 2016

The face of epilepsy


Tonight's face of epilepsy. Lainie has to stay awake until midnight. Tomorrow we travel to KC for her annual neurologist appointment. And, because things at school haven't been great, she is due for an EEG to determine if her type of seizures has changed. So far, her only documented seizures have been tonic-clinic seizures, but her EEG has always shown "generalized seizure activity" in her brain. We will go see if she has added absentee seizures to the list.

And so tonight she must stay awake until midnight. At 4 am I will wake her up and keep her awake until her 1230 EEG. They want her tired so they can capture seizure activity. It's a painless test but still a pain. 

But I will tell you that this test prep is a lot easier now that she is nine and not two, like she was the first time we did this. She is reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, hoping to finish it by midnight. Then tomorrow I'm hoping she can watch the movie as I drive or while we wait in Children's, to help her stay awake.

I love this girl with all my heart. I am praying for no more challenges for her. She has enough as it is. And so do we.

But tonight, it's all about a late night reading. Not too bad of a prescription.

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