Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring fever

Man oh man what a difference warm weather makes. In retrospect, i was really slipping into a depression. All the classic symptoms, but I only notice that it was odd now that I'm not sleeping every afternoon for 2-3 hours plus 12 hours at night, not laughing, disengaging from conversations, hiding out in my own little world, even disconnecting from my hubby and kids. I don't think it was my week away on a work trip that did it. I really think it was two fold: making progress in helping Lainie and hearing her start to jabber. I cannot explain adequately how wonderful it feels to hear her make new consonant sounds. It's just a little thing, but I did a littler internal skip-to-my-lou when I heard a g and s and t all in the same jabber. Yay!

Add to that beautiful sunny, 70 degree days and you have a recipe for a happy mama. And you know what they say -- ain't nobody happy if mama ain't happy. With my change in attitude and emotions, the girls are really responding too. (Or, that could be because of the weather.) Either way, it's so nice to have a positive laughter-to-whining ratio in our house again. Hey, with three girls, that's not going to happen all that often!

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