Monday, May 5, 2008

So what follow-up

By the way...

L has learned a few new signs this week, so now she knows and uses: milk, drink, eat, more, help, ice cream, cookie, pancake, toast, and apple.

It took 5 days of riding her tail, but M has done a turnaround with her behavior. No complaints from preschool or daycare, and she earned all 5 minutes (per day) of Webkinz time for Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.

And speaking of Webkinz, K spent her Webkinz time this week earning money. She doesn't want to be that "broke" she says. :-)

And DH's massive garden resulted in massive covering-up-of-plants Saturday night as temps dropped to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks like they all (or almost all) made it okay, so he's a happier camper now too.

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