Monday, July 14, 2008

Daddy means fun, mommy means what?

Why is it that daddy always gets the fun side of things? Even though J stays home with the girls during the summer, even though he is their primary caregiver and disciplinary while I'm at work, they still associate daddy with the fun stuff and me with the work.

But on the (somewhat) bright side, I also get the serious discussions already. K asked me about boyfriend/girlfriend just a couple weeks ago. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I calmly answered her questions:
Yes, some kids your age talk about having boyfriends, but it's not the same
thing as high school or grown-up boyfriends. What's the difference? In grade school, it just means that you think they are really neat and fun to play with, and there should be no kissing or touching. It's probably better right now to just be friends with the boys rather than call it boyfriend/girlfriend. And please, if you have any more questions, come ask me! That's what I'm here for!
When I recapped the conversation with J and asked him if he wanted to talk to her about it a little more, his mouth said "no, it sounds like you got it covered" but his eyes said "please oh please don't make me talk about that with her! Not yet! NOOOOOOO!" heehee did we get here already! And any advice on what to say and what NOT to say? Did I screw anything up, based on what you read above? Advice appreciated!!!!!

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