Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A girl named Sue

I don't know if I've ever told you this, but L was ahead of her age, in regards to communication. Last year this time, when she was about 14 months, she would say her own name clear as can be. Every day, when I tucked her in for naptime or bedtime, we walk past a wall of portraits, including her own. She would always name each one, pointing to herself and saying her name. She hasn't said it since January 9.

This month, our assignment was to work on the "S" sound. Our speech gal also recommended that we make it part of our routine, like before bed we work on a sound or after we brush our teeth we make a sound. So, I started out by playing a game every time I changed her diaper. I'd ask L, "What's the snake say? The snake says ssssss." Then, as I made the ssss sound, my hand would weave like a snake to her belly and tickle her. By the second day, L was making the sssss sound for me, so that I would tickle her.

We also practiced saying Sissie, which is the only name L will call M. (I think she can say M's name, since she can make all the sounds and never said it pre-seizure. I think she just chooses not to.)

And then, two nights ago, while I was putting L to bed, I asked her if she could say "Sue". Sue is her middle name, one she hears a lot. The first two attempts were "dooo" and then she stopped, took a breathe, and slowly said sssssssue. Lots of clapping and cheering and smiles later, she's said it a few times since then.

Yay! A new word! And a pretty big word at that. She cannot remember how to say her first name, but at least she has her middle name now.

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Tara said...

Yayy!!! That is awesome! We are all over here rooting for you, L, and your family. I love hearing the updates. I am amazed at your strength and positive attitude through all these difficulties. Keep up the good work! :)