Friday, November 21, 2008

Random bits

Isn't it too soon to have the flu, as in influenza type tbd? Enough said about that.


I love that Katie loves to tell all. It is so darn useful and entertaining. I mean, how many other moms get such a clear portrait into the inner workings of a 7-year-old? I heard all about boys chasing girls and girls chasing boys and the transferring of cooties, aka tag at recess. I used to hear a lot about who was bad in class, and after insisting that is none of my business unless someone hurts her, I now hear who was the best behaved in class. I hear what she had for lunch, whose clothes matched hers, what she did with her free time, what every teacher said to her that day...but I also hear about the stubbed toe, the mismatching outfit, the annoying sister, the other annoying sister, the need to personal space, the need to more interaction, etc, etc. When she was a baby, I joked that Katie was my beautiful little bi-polor baby. It's not as extreme as it used to be, but she still can change her mood like flipping a light switch. And I love that about her.


Maggie's preschool had their Thanksgiving program on Thursday. The class of 8 stood in front of parents and grandparents and recited/sang 3 pieces, then we all ate the pumpkin bread they helped make and looked at their art projects. I can't remember the songs, I can't remember the actions, but I will never forget Maggie's face light up to see both Jay and I there and how proud she was that we were watching her and that is was HER time.


At supper last night, the girls focused their attention on the family pictures in the dining room. Katie made some comment about Lainie's ears looking like an elf, all pointy and big. Then Maggie said something about how beautiful her own picture is and how cute Lainie looked, but too bad Katie's wasn't as good. I told them to both stop and that they were being mean. And, dripping with sarcasm, I said, "well, I guess since Katie's made fun of Lainie and Maggie's made fun of Katie, then it's Lainie's turn to make fun of Maggie." To which Lainie replied, "maaa-eeee hahahahaha" and pointed at Maggie. Yep, without talking coherently, she very distinctly made fun of Maggie.

There is never a dull moment with these three! And around 12 weeks left until we become a madhouse of 6!!!

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