Sunday, April 5, 2009


Big news of the week – Lainie is potty training! She told me Friday that “I no wear diapers) and I told her then she had to go potty in the potty. So she sat down and did it. Hmmm, why didn’t we think of that months ago? Oh, we DID! Who knows what changed this week, but we’re happy. She’s had probably 9-10 successes this weekend and been wearing pull-ups and getting M&Ms as the reward.

She also tried to order her own food at dinner Saturday night. This is a big accomplishment, because usually she doesn’t talk in public. But she told the waitress that she wanted french fries (with sign language to accompany the words) and chicken. I was so proud!

So far, Lainie’s adjusted well to the medication. She seems a little groggy, but that’s about it and it’s not enough for probably anyone else to notice. We’re trying out different ways to get her swallow two pills whole each night at bedtime; last night’s hidden-in-yogurt remedy worked pretty well. She’s been sleeping like a rock for four hours now, but I hate to wake her. Here’s hoping she’ll still want to sleep tonight at bedtime.

Natalie brought her bit of sunshine in church today by spending most of the hour looking up at me, smiling huge smiles and cooing. Jay also fed her a bottle for the first time in 6 weeks. She didn’t take to it immediately like her sisters had, but she was willing to put up with it. Two weeks until she’s in daycare, so she’s going to have to get used to it, whether I want her to or not. It’s also the chance for her to realize Daddy isn’t a bad guy and for Daddy to be forced inside for at least 20 minutes.

Tomorrow is another day in the office for Natalie and I. Lainie will have preschool, Katie at school, and Maggie at daycare. It’s also Jay’s week for state testing, and he’s extremely worried about his tomatoes in the high tunnels. Between the wind beating the buildings have been taking and the 20 degree low tonight and tomorrow night…let’s just say he’s on edge. We are all ready for spring.

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