Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not so neurotic

So, I guess there was something up with Lainie. Last night, we put her to bed at 9 and she was fine. At 10, I heard a strange, strained cough on the monitor. I ran upstairs and she was doing this weak, tight cough and not breathing well. She'd cough twice, wheeze in an inhale, cry, and repeat. It took me all of 2 minutes to say that it wasn't normal and wasn't something we could treat at home. So, off the ER we went.

I'm glad we did. Her oxygen stats weren't great when we got there. After two breathing treatments, some cough syrup, and an x-ray to rule out pneumonia, we went home. Officially, it's something viral, resulting in croup. She feels better once she gets the breathing treatments, but is still needing them every 4 hours or so. And no seizures...that's the good news!

I can't imagine how scary croup must have been in the pioneer days, when they didn't have medicine to treat it, when croup meant a night in a steam tent with boiled onions. Thank goodness we don't have to experience that.

And again, no seizures!

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