Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tough love

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom disciplining your kids is harder. Being a disciplining mom of a child with a severe speech delay, well, it just sucks more than average.

I don't know if I'm being too hard on Lainie. I don't think I'm expecting too much out of her. I am expecting just a little less from her at this age, than I expected from Katie and Maggie at this age. I am trying to give her a little leeway, knowing she's really getting frustrated with the speech problem, lack of intelligible words, stuttering, comments from strangers (PEOPLE, she is mute, NOT DEAF. Stop breaking my little girl's spirit!)


...when she looks me in the eye, bats her little eyelashes, smiles a little smile, and completely ignores my directions...well, she needs to be disciplined some way. I think. Or not. I don't know.

I don't know if this is the terrible threes or manifestation of her frustration or a result of changing manufacturers of her anti-seizure medication or exhaustion from the preschool/speech/preschool/speech/daycare schedule. I do know we do not allow our kids to run in the parking lot, no matter how much you scream. I do know we do not allow tantrums, especially not in the aisle of a store because I said no to a purchase. I do know we do not allow you to screech at your sister until she gives you what rightfully does NOT belong to you. I do know we expect you to, at minimum, learn to STOP when we say STOP. And don't close your eyes when I'm signing to you.

And I know we need this to be a short-lived stage.

Because, the secret is, I hate being the mean mommy.

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Alison said...

Oh, three is a tough age no matter what I think! You are doing a great job being a Mom. I think, especially with a large family, that someone is always going through a difficult stage and it helps you appreciate the children who are not in that stage at the moment just a little bit more ;) Hang in there!