Monday, April 4, 2011

Closing Shop

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Nothing major is going on, but lots of minor events are. A little bit here, a little bit there, and suddenly it feels like we are spiralling out of control. (I know... am I really that busy if I'm taking the time to blog? Well, I have no excuse.)

Tonight, I did some visualization to try to calm my racing thoughts, and it worked. I imagined standing in a house full of windows, and each window had a set of shutters on it. I walked to each window, looked at the task or responsibility in that window, and then decided whether to leave the shutters open or close it for now. Need to call someone back, just for fun? Shut the shutters. "Mom, my jeans are dirty and I need them tomorrow." Shutters stay open. "We need to order shirts for this summer." Shutters closed. Clinicals in 8 hours and need to know the drugs I'll be administering. Shutters open. When I can close half the shutters, the remaining half don't seem so insurmountable.

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