Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do you believe in angels?

Today, nap time was like no other.

It started out per usual, with John almost asleep ...until Lainie or Natalie or Maggie hollered about something. I would set down the now screaming John, go deal with his sister or sisters, then pick him back up to try to settle him down for a nap.

After the third rude awakening, John said forget this and was wide eyed and alert. Me? not so much. Because I still wanted to at least lie down for a bit, I dug out the mobile from the closet and hung it on John's crib. Up until now, he has been content with a little light up musical toy. But today, once I started that mobile over his head, he stopped fussing and just stared.

I took advantage of the peace and immediately laid down in my bed, in the same room as John's crib. I no sooner rolled over and I heard in a little voice, "Thank you."

It was a little boy voice, sounded like a four or five year old. Now I may thing John is pretty amazing, but I know he didn't say it. And I know I heard it. I wasn't scared, but smiled as I rolled over to look, knowing I wouldn't actually see anything. And all I saw was little feet kicking in a crib while John cooed at the farm animals circling above his head.

I guess even his guardian angel is grateful for a few moments of joyful peace!

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