Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gone fishin'

We had planned Memorial Weekend to be a working weekend. I was scheduled to work, so Jay and the kids were just going to stay home and do garden stuff. Instead, I got low census and a nap, and Jay got stuff done outside while the kiddos napped. The result? An impromptu fishing trip to the utility park kiddie fishing pond. And per usual, the younger the child, the more fish she caught.

Natalie ended up with six, including a big catfish.

Lainie caught three fish and a turtle, despite having a pole that no longer would cast; her "cast" was daddy throwing the line out from the shore.

Maggie caught two and learned to cast by herself.

And Katie, well, she was very frustrated but tried her hardest not to become a sourpuss. Finally, when I called for "just five more minutes", she caught this beauty:

John mostly just hung out in my arms, but was content for a bit laying in the grass. It was such a beautiful night:
Daddy did all the worm loading and fish (and turtle) removal, but I did learn how to cast with one arm while holding a baby with the other:

But before we started fishing, and before feelings were hurt about who had more fish, I got this family photo, thanks to our camera's timer setting:
Our family, May 2013

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