Thursday, December 5, 2013


Lainie has been asking for short hair for months, but I kept putting her off for two reasons. 1, I didn't feel comfortably cutting it that short, and 2, I wanted to make sure she wouldn't have hair salon remorse. So, after months of subtle hints ("Mom, remember that time in August I asked for short hair? I would still like that.") she got her first salon cut. To say she was excited is an understatement.

That same day, Katie decided it was time to cut her hair for another wig. Pantene accepts donations of 8 inches or more, and I think Katie ended up donating 10 inches. She misses her long hair and is worried about making a good bun for her upcoming dance performances, but said it's worth it to help make a wig for someone fighting cancer. And the wonderful ladies at Studio D made her feel fabulous:


All measured
No turning back now

The only downside of this whole deal...some kid on the bus told Katie she looked like a fifth grader and there is no way she is in junior high. She blames the haircut. Dang kids anyhow.

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