Sunday, January 26, 2014

Better days

There's a new-ish song out called "Helluva Life" that says, "Bad times make the good times better." So true.

I am enjoying any day that we can stay home, hang out, relax, chill, not worry, play.

Days when I can say, "sure" to the request to nap in a play tent. Still can't believe she actually fell asleep.

Days when the spark is back in Natalie's eyes.

Day's when John can stand at the kitchen window and we don't have to rush off anywhere.

And days when he can practice his walking with the doll stroller.

Nearly every time I'm out somewhere with all the kiddos, some nice old(er) lady will come up and volunteer, "Enjoy these days. They go so fast."

I know. Trust me, I know. And I am.

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