Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday girl

Seven amazing things about our Katie:

1. She truly tries to be kind to everyone she meets, and only has a problem with those who have hurt her friends or family.

2. She is a great big sister. She has her moments of kicking them out of a room or calling names when she thinks no one can hear, but they all know she loves them.

3. My girl is smart. Not sure why I have such a hard time admitting that, but she is book smart and has a healthy dose of common sense, too.

4. She is beautiful and becoming even more lovely each day.

5. She is a very hard worker, whether she is trying to solve a math problem, draw a sketch, learn dance moves, pick and sell vegetables, show livestock, or run a race.

6. Her laugh is a gorgeous sound that I wish we heard more often.

7. She is 13.