Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feeling better...

It's amazing what a little time and some great friends can do to make things feel better. :) I'll skip the whole struggle-as-a-parent conversation for a sec and return to that Great Exchange of 2008 topic.

It had its benefits, but not what I expected. I don't think DH yet appreciates all I do, and I decided I like doing what he does. I enjoyed taking care of the animals and doing what feels to be more constructive work. For example, I rearranged stuff in the basement and it's still nicely rearranged. In my normal duties, I wash all the clothes and fold them and put away, yet by days end it needs to be done again. That's the frustrating part.

DH did realize how hard the mornings are and has been doing more of his share in that regard. And THAT almost made it worth it.

The best benefit is that I realized I like doing my responsibilities. Love it, in fact. I was lost without my week's menu and cooking, and tried to find an excuse to go to the grocery store. I like the time spent with L in the cart and me acting like the crazy woman on those commercials, seemingly talking to herself but actually talking to her child. I desperately missed bathtime and bedtime and all the great conversations and book time and fashion advice and all that. I even missed the morning routine, getting to brush their hair and the psychotic adrenaline rush from hurrying everyone along in the morning. I felt like I ignored my kids, trying to play DH's role. And the kids noticed it too; my oldest K asked if we would PLEASE switch back because she missed me. So we did. Switch back, that is.

So, now, instead of brooding when I'm getting all three girls cleaned up and in bed, I enjoy it and think of poor DH, stuck in the basement with his plants. I still hate laundry and always will, but the rest of the stuff, I'm enjoying more.

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