Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm grateful to hear no coughing right now. HA! Just as I post that, Lainie started another coughing attack. So, I'm grateful to hear mostly no coughing. Truly, she is doing a lot better. And Natalie's not rubbing her ear raw any more and her coughing stopped completely. For the first time, I am dealing with antibiotic diarrhea with one of my girls, so Natalie got to start eating yogurt yesterday. She stook it like a champ, and hasn't blown out an outfit in 12 hours. The grief for Nadine, the worry of money and medical issues, the feeling of being overwelmed is still there. But I don't feel like I'm doing it alone.

I have a challenge for you this week. Each night, at least once, think, "what if this was my last night with my family? What would I do differently?" And then do it. Your family will thank you, and you will benefit too.

WIth that mindset, we stayed home Friday night and walked outside all around the property. We stayed home Saturday and played with friends, baked an Easy Bake Oven cake, took long naps, cleaned the house, watched a movie together, and made homemade pizza. Sunday will be equally relaxed: church in a half hour, then home for lunch, naps, a folding-laundry marathon, and getting everything set for the school week ahead. All of that...together. Relaxed. At our pace. As it should be.

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