Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy busy!

Just a quick note to say, I'm busy!

We're having a fabulous time on Christmas break. The girls have played some Wii...Jay and I, too. They've also played kids charades, the LIFE game, lots of Barbies, dress-up, and very little outdoor play. We've had days in which we never changed out of our pajamas. And we haven't left Clay Center, since Jay's birthday. yay!

I also got the menu made for the year. It was easy to do, since I kept all my monthly menus from last year. I don't know how well I'll follow them, but at least we have a plan written. For the month of January, we're playing the Alphabet game. Apple Pie Jam for the 1st, Breakfast lunch for the 2nd, Cheese pizza for the 3rd, etc. Have any great suggestions or if you want the list for yourself, click over to my recipe blog (aka the only way I can keep track of the recipes I like) at

I am on chapter 12 of my Human Growth and Development class, and need to get take a midterm after Chapter 13. I'm hoping to take it next Tuesday (a week from tomorrow) since I have to go to Concordia to take the mid-term, and I'm already going to Concordia that day to take the NET. So, I'll wrap this up and go read chapter 12, "The school years: Cognitive Development" aka what is Katie learning now. :)

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