Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miss Natalie, going solo

Natalie does not like to be left alone. Imagine that, with three big sisters who fight over playing with her. As we are nearing her first birthday and the newness of her is wearing off on her sisters, we're trying to acclimate her to the world of self-entertaining. Thus, the following conversation in our house:

Me: I know you don't like being along, but you won't really be alone. Mommy will be right next to you, working, because I have to get some work done.
Natalie: ahayaya
Me: Look! In your playyard! There's the Dora couch, your push toy, your stacking blocks, a Little People toy.
Natalie (as I putting her the playyard): WAAAAYaaaWaaa. (which translates to I.Do.Not.Like.This.)
Me: And here, I'll even throw in this unsafe toy.
Natalie: Huh? oooooo! (As she crawls over to the Christmas tin, basically safe just not APA approved.)

Ah, my little daredevil. Who must have a crowd around her.

So, when did your kiddos start self-entertaining, especially your 2nds or 3rds (or beyond). We haven't even really let her cry it out at night; she's been very indulged this year, compared to her big sisters at the same age.

And right now, she is NOT happy with mama.

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Tara said...

Ronan is not very used to self-entertaining either! He has gotten better in the past year though. Not that he gets the chance often, since we are all home together 99% of the time.

Not to mention the fact that the house cannot be childproofed nearly as much as when the others were small... so many tiny or intricate toys. It is much harder to leave him alone even when he is happy to be alone!

We never let him CIO either, but he started sleeping through entirely on his own at about 13 months anyway.