Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  • Apparently, knowing my job is terminal makes me enjoy it that much more! I'm staying busy, feeling productive, and happy.
  • Jay has the materials to plant, oh, more than a thousand tomatoes and peppers this spring. I'm really wondering how many he'll end up growing. Either way, I think the O2 levels in our house should be fabulous!
  • Katie and Maggie danced last night at the b-ball game, as part of one of those "little girl cheer camps." How did I go from being the cheerleader teaching the camp to being the mom bringing her daughters to it?
  • Katie's class is having a spelling bee today, and she's dreaming of a national championship. I hope she can be proud of herself.
  • Lainie's stridor was back last night. Either that, or she was groaning/humming in her sleep. Either way, I'm guessing she's a tired little girl today, and I'm hoping she'll stay healthy for us.
  • Natalie is picking up this idea of communicating. She signs MILK with a passion, and loves to hand things to me and say "eeer aaa oooo" which by intonation, I interpret as "here ya go". Then when I hand it back, she says "ann-ew" or "Thank you." That, and a ton of DADADA! is about all we hear from her at home. She's just too busy moving to stop for a chat. :)
  • Two words: Go Colts!

Edited to update: Katie won her class spelling bee! She is so proud of herself, and we are proud of her, too. And, Jay says he's going to start about 600 tomato plants and roughly 400 pepper plants. yowza.

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