Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you give a mom no butter

Today's plan, originally: get the bigs on the bus, take Natalie to preschool, go to sleep. Wake up to get Natalie, eat lunch, go back to sleep. Pick up kids from school, supper, then work a 12 hour shift.

  • Katie had to be at school early.
  • Since I had to take her to school, I might as well take Lainie and Maggie, too.
  • Because Katie had to be there so early, we had 15 minutes to waste, so we went to the zoo park.
  • Because we went to the park before I dropped off Lainie and Maggie, then Natalie, I was too awake to sleep, so I thought I'd make cinnamon rolls.
  • Because I needed butter for the cinnamon rolls, I needed to go to the grocery store.
  • Because I was going to the grocery store, I might as well make a menu for the week to finish all my grocery shopping.
  • And, because I was going to the grocery store, I might as well take the recycleables to the landfill on my way.
  • And, because I was going to the grocery store, and little bro Anthony is sick, I might as well get him some orange juice, soup, and medicine.
  • Because I went to Anthony's apartment to give him the soup, meds, and juice, I saw his apartment was bad-dirty.
  • Because I was already there, I might as well clean his bathroom and dishes.
  • Because that took until it was time to pick up Natalie, I might as well get her delivered to daycare before I go home.
  • Oh, and because I was going to the grocery store, I asked Jay if he needed more sugar for jelly. Which reminded him that I was available to open buildings.
  • Because it's now almost noon, I might as well make some lunch before I go to sleep.
So, when I got home I unloaded groceries, threw a pizza in the oven for me, opened buildings, and am maybe getting to bed by noon.

So much for >3 hours of sleep today. All because Katie needed to get to school early. Or, maybe it's sort of my fault for wanting to make cinnamon rolls.

(And why am I blogging instead of sleeping? Because it takes 13 minutes to cook the pizza and 12 minutes to post on my blog.)

How can you be frustrated when you see this hanging on your doorknob? Thanks, Lainie!

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