Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend car ride

Driving 300+ miles in a vehicle with four girls is either certifiably insane or could drive you certifiably insane. It does, however, bring lots of opportunities for laughs:

  • Sitting at breakfast in Hays, Lainie asked me how to spell pancake. I started, "P-A-N" and Natalie finished "P-A-Out." 
  • Watching Natalie's face when she, for some reason, shook her juice bottle, not realizing it was open. I would have gotten upset at the juice all over the ceiling of the car, if not for her expressing at the juice all over her.
  •  Listening to the four girls somehow talk and giggle nonstop for the entire two-plus hour drive from Hays to Coldwater. 
And a few moments of frustration:
  • Our conversation through Greensburg was this: Lainie: Where are we? Me: Greensburg. Lainie: Where are we? Me: Greensburg. Lainie: Where are we? Me, turning, pronounciating and increasing in volume: We Are In Greensburg. Lainie: But where are we? ME: GREENSBURG!!!!!
  •  Lainie hollering "NOOOOOO" in frustration, just as the couple started to say their vows. Here's hoping it was just that loud to us.
  • My promise that if one more person made that kids meal toy bark, I was throwing it out the window. 

At the stops in between all the car time, we got to see my friend get married in a beautiful ceremony and fabulous celebration after, visit some dear friends who just moved a few more hours away, pop in to see my parents for an hour or so, and even see the rebuilding effort in Greensburg. Quite a weekend, indeed.

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