Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Funnies for the Grouch

Oscar has nothing on me. I am one grouchy mama.
Lainie and I had matching attitudes this morning
But I am trying to find the humor in things.
Mags is always ready for a silly face

Like this morning, when Natalie threw a fit because I wouldn't let her wear her jeans backwards. "but moo-oom, I like the rainbows (on the back pockets) better than the flowers!"
Tidbit of atti-toot-ie this morning

Or Natalie this morning walking around and around the kitchen with her stocking cap pulled down to her nose. "it's otay, Mommy, I can still see...enough.".

Morning silly faces
Or last night at supper, when I was again the target:
Lainie: Wow, mommy, you are fast!
Katie: What?!
Lainie: Mommy is fast!
Katie: oh, I thought you said she was fat.
Maggie: Well, she is that, too. Sorry, mommy, but you kind of are.

Gotta love them, right?
Watching for the bus

On a side note, Katie has finally kicked her four day virus. She's sitting up this morning, eating, and even talking. Thank goodness!

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