Saturday, February 2, 2013

42 or less

We made it to 35 weeks. Just six more days of Procardia. Then, we'll get to see what all these contractions can really do.

35 weeks. Nat showing off her belly, too.

This week, we finished up a few more essentials before baby arrives. Jay and I both got haircuts, and we went out for a night on the town for a family date night. We packed the diaper bag, complete with take-home outfits (one boy, one girl). We got the carseat ready to roll. I charged up my ipod shuffle with good labor music, which is awfully similar to my running/workout music.

We got the crib ready, complete with our wall art:

And, oh so important, we got the Big Sister shirts made:

The front of the shirts say, "Team Slick Big Sister"
I've been blest with some friends and Jay who have distracted me, as much as possible, from the contractions. We've ate out for lunch, had a birthday party, brought over an exercise ball (to bounce out the contractions), sent random Web pages to waste time, and so much more.

Speaking of friends, I've got a few friends going through some difficult times: losing a grandparent, coping with a sick parent, waiting for a diagnosis for themselves. They are too private for me to share names, but just please say up an extra prayer for comfort, strength, and if at all possible, only good news.

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