Sunday, April 28, 2013

Better days

John no longer screams for hours every night. Some nights, yes, but not every night.  He has a beautiful full-face smile with a dimpled chin and a dimple on his left cheek. He likes to face outward to see all the world. He has scooted himself forward a few times, and continues to roll belly to back. He is a strong little man.

Work is going good and I am happy to be back. I do love this career! As far as transitioning to the schedule, today was better than most. I am not having trouble staying awake. I'm just having trouble finding time for dedicated sleep during the day. The family still needs retraining on the importance of letting me sleep. And that does not mean coming to my room, shaking me awake, and asking, "Mommy, do you want to get up now or later?"

The garden is still going, despite some serious cold snaps. Snow last week, and snow forecast this Wednesday. Crazy Kansas.

Lainie celebrated her seventh birthday this week. Some day I will post pictures. I still get emotional on her birthdays, more than with the other kiddos. She showed me you cannot take a single day or year for granted, and I am reminded of that each year we celebrate with her. This year, she had a tea party with some friends. She was her happy, slightly spacey, loving life self. I hope we made it a special memory for her.

I am grateful to not be on a couch, to not have restrictions, to not have daily trepidation. I went for a run this weekend in calm, sunny, 79 degree weather. I stood in the middle of our dirt road, spread my arms wide, took a deep breath full of spring, and thanked God for all my blessings.

Religious education is done for the year. Dance is done for all but Katie. Just a few more weeks of school left. Summer, here we come!

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