Friday, April 5, 2013


I have plans for an Easter post and a one month old post and a gardening post and a rest of the family post.

Instead I am tired. John had a decent evening last night, only cried for a couple hours, but then paid me back by a short night. Three hours does not a night's sleep make. Jay took him downstairs at 6 a.m. when I begged for a nap, and I got fifteen minutes before the alarm sounded. Now, everyone has left for school and daycare. John is eating and then it is nap time. I hope.

But on the positive side, he was content in the front carrier yesterday afternoon, so I got to play with Natalie outside and take a garden tour with her. Supper was provided by a wonderful lady from our church, so I got to spend his fifteen minutes of contentment eating instead of preparing supper. I felt accomplished last night, because everyone got a bath and clothes laid out and quality one on one mommy time. And I got through a stack of mail and started paying medical bills, while bouncing John in his vibrating seat with my feet.

So today may be a bust, but yesterday wasn't all bad.

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