Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fair 2013, part 3

John versus the largest squash entry

I love 4-H, but the piggy boots stay OUTSIDE.

Extra bonus this week: a visit from Brianna and Logan

Katie showing beef during the round robin.

4-H friends

Saying goodbye before the auction. Katie is always more attached.

Maggie was much less emotional: "Look! They are spooning!"
I was especially proud of Maggie. Her asthma was horrid this week, but she worked through it.

Quick photo after awards.
Two grand and two reserves for Katie, Three grands and one reserve for Maggie.
And one Lainie ready for next year.
Maggie won this stuffed animal at the carnival. Who does that?!?!
Riding rides with sisters
Riding rides, solo

How Natalie spent the week -- in boots, helping.

How John spent the week: in the stroller.
How John spent the week, part 2: breathing treatments for bronchiolitis.

They must not be too "faired" out.
Katie asked to stop to take pictures of this on the way home "for next year's photo project"

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