Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fair 2013

Photo, crafts, and clothing judging complete.
It's late and I'm kind of exhausted.
But I wanted to post at least the girls' purple-ribbon photos.
Some time soon I'll post a picture of them in their buymanship, construct garments, and their crafts.
Until then...
Katie's black and white

Maggie's photo. No coaching on this one.

How to convince Mom to let you add photography halfway through the year? Come in from the front yard with this photo. WTG, Maggie.

Katie's purple of Nat. Thank you, Daddy Jay, for taking them out for a quick photo shoot.

Katie's third purple. Again, thanks to Daddy Jay for saying, "Hey, check out this cool plant." Those are ants eating lady bugs eating aphids eating a weed.

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