Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair 2013, Part Two

What do you get when you combine clothing, photo and craft judging, a birthday, two Farmers Market, three 12-hour shifts, and a Grill-Off the same week? I'll tell you what you DON'T  get. You don't get pictures of the girls in their outfits!

Okay, Jay did snap a few photos of them at the style revue. But for 4-H record books, it looks like mama failed on this one and we will have to do some modeling at home. Not that the girls would complain about that chore!

Here's what we do have:
Sisters in sundresses. Katie and Maggie made their own, I made the other two.

Look at my little model! This is Katie's buymanship outfit.

Maggie's sundress. I feel I should add that Maggie felt like crud all day and all night, hence that expression. But she did get a grand champion for this outfit...might have helped that she was the only entry in her division! :) Still, she is proud!

Maggie's buymanship outfit and her constructed garment trophy.
Katie's purple-winning white dress. Thanks to Grace O, Katie learned so very much on this dress.
And not to leave John out, although he didn't get a new dress nor painted toenails.
At four months, this guy weighs 12 pounds 8 oz and is 22 3/4 inches long. With a 90th percentile head.
Stud muffin, indeed.

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