Friday, June 12, 2009

My amazing kids

It didn't take me long to realize you can only brag about your kids so long before 1) your friends avoid you; 2) your parents tune you out; and 3) your kids start listening and get an ego problem. That, and I just don't know how to say "I think my kid is the most amazing child ever" without it sounding like, "my kid's better than yours." So, I don't think I brag about them in their presence or in public (very often), but I think they are amazing, each in her own way.

Katie is the kindest, most obedient child I've ever met. She gets so mad when someone breaks the rules, even if that someone is herself. She hurt one person's feelings this year, on accident, and still is upset with herself for that. She is so helpful and so smart, coming up with such complex ideas. She is temperamental, especially with me, but we are both learning how to control or avoid her outbursts and are getting along better and better. And she and her daddy are awesome together.

Maggie is so exuberant, boisterous, all-going, full of life. She cracks me up hourly, with something she says or does. It takes a lot to make Maggie mad, but I've seen her shake with anger when someone messed with her sister. She knows what she wants and doesn't let much get in her way, but she isn't mean about it. It's hard to convince her to do something she doesn't want to do, and she'll usually find a way to avoid it. But, she's getting better at following directions from adults, at least. (edited to add: I didn't mention that she was smart, really really smart. I'm sure that means something, that I left it out. But what?)

Lainie is working so hard to catch up. She spends a lot of time just looking around, taking things in. Yesterday, she counted these tabs on Jay's truck, one at a time, up to 15. She loves her "baby nad-lee" and wants to carry her around instead of her baby dolls. She, more than any, needs one-on-one mommy and daddy time, and really enjoys reading bedtime stories with just us. OH, and I think she's adorable, with those big brown eyes and beautiful skin. (Truly, I think all my girls are beautiful. That's my job. I'm their mom.)

Natalie is doing so well. She is the worlds happiest baby, that's for sure. She smiles all the time and with very little effort on our part. She's started laughing and making goooo sounds. She has held herself in a sitting position once and is rolling back to belly and belly to back. She bats at objects and just started grabbing them and batting them together. She slept through the night a couple times, but mostly wakes once or twice a night. And always wakes up with a big smile.

It doesn't seem fair, that I can't tell them every day how amazing they are, that I can't tell everyone I run into that my girls are the most unbelievable creatures ever created. But, that's because every parent knows their child IS the most amazing child ever, or should feel that way. Every child has some special trait, some special feature, that makes them perfect. It doesn't take long, in the presence of children, to see that children really are God's gifts to us.

Now, if only I can remember that when Katie's throwing attitude, Maggie's screeching, Lainie's NOT potty training, and Natalie wants to eat NOW. :)

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