Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Proud

I have a lot to be proud of this week.

Katie learned to ride her bike and gave her first project talk for 4-H. She did great, did the prep work herself and answered the questions afterward. The only real objective of that talk: to help her overcome her stage fright, and that she did!

Maggie has been behaving great, or at least great for her, and is showing some real maturity. She has been going to bed without a fight and trying to be a big help. Today she's exhausted, after swimming at the pool, but still wasn't terrible. Maybe she's finally learning to "control your body" as we continually remind her to do.

Lainie has had a speech boom, in that she's talking in sentences; they might not be clear enough for others to understand, but Jay and I understand. "I wanna go in the pool." "I go play with my baby." And my favorite of the week: "I wanna go breed cows."

Natalie is a rolling machine. She only stays on her back for a few moments before flipping to her belly and getting up on her elbows. She's a strong little babe, and a trooper. She handled today's vaccinations with no problem, even though I do see a minor injection site reaction on one leg.

But what I'm most proud of, is me. Jay went to Abilene tonight to help his dad with some harvest stuff. And the girls and I did great. Not only did we handle the evening, but we also went grocery shopping. I got them all to bed without a single tear shed and even settled in for a soaking bath, easy book, and a cold beer.

Ahhh, can life get any better than that? :)

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