Monday, June 1, 2009

Four GIRLS?!?!

Why are people so vocal in their shock/disbelief at our family? "You have FOUR?! You have FOUR DAUGHTERS?!"

I don't mind at all when friends do it. They are conversing nicely, being kind.

But when complete strangers do it, especially in front of my kids, it irks me. How many times must Katie hear "oh, your poor husband" before she starts to believe that Jay loves his daughters less than he would a son? Which daughter are we supposed to trade in for a boy? Which one do they think we'd give back?

Yes, the teenage years are probably going to be rough. Probably a mass mess of menstrual madness. But we'll survive. Hormonal will be our norm, for many many years. (hmm, just realized the girls will probably get through puberty just in time for me to hit menopause. lovely.)

But, talking to a friend this weekend, we realized that the daughters in the family are usually the caregivers for the parents, when the parents are unable to care for themselves. I'm the only daughter; it falls on me. Jay's sister is the only daughter; it's probably going to fall on her shoulders. But, lucky Jay and I, we have FOUR daughters! They can share the care!

And, until you've experienced it yourself, you don't know the bliss of watching your little girls jam out to ANY music, wearing an assortment of dance costumes and princess dresses, putting on a show like no other. Or, lining up in the bathroom for a nail-painting marathon. Or, learning how to fix each others hair.

So, don't feel sorry for me, with my four beautiful girls. Say, "lucky you!" and mean it. Because I am lucky and blessed with my four-pack!

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