Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to my funny farm

Last night we were walking through the grocery store and an older couple, obviously in love and apparently newlyweds, were discussing what to buy. A friend of theirs walked by and said, "I thought you told me last week you never argue with your beautiful bride." The man paused, looked at his wife, and playfully said, "She's not near as beautiful as she was last week."

I thought this was hilarious, as did the couple, but it's just one of many giggles I've had this past week. My girls especially crack me up, each in their own way. Here are my favs from this week.

Maggie is convinced that she's old enough to have a sleepover. (For fairness, Katie had her first sleepover when she was 6 and we're going to follow that through on all the girls.) The problem: Maggie wants to invite Jared and Carson. I may be open-minded about a lot of things, but a co-ed sleepover isn't one of them. She's also determined to pick out her own clothes, so our new rule is she can wear whatever she home. Otherwise, you'd all get to see the orange flowered shirt with the pink and brown plaid skorts and blue and green tinkerbell crocs (Wednesday's outfit).

Lainie works really hard at the words she says. It's the equivalent of me running a mile or two. So, when she says it, you know it's important to her. This week, we heard, "I wanna breed cows" and "Bite me" and "I want to color booty." Okay, so bite me was actually bite for me and color booty was actually Beauty, as in Beauty and the Beast. Still, it's hilarious to me.

Katie's pretty serious and self-aware. She'd be embarrassed if she knew I posted anything. But she was singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" yesterday, for Lainie's sake, and sang, "life is a butter dream." It wouldn't be as funny, except she really thought those were the words. I told her, I think I'm the only one who has butter dreams! :)

And Natalie? Well, I have a couple of hours of videos of her laughing now, and nothing makes you smile more than baby laughs.

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Alison said...

Your house sounds like so much fun - and definitely filled with laughter!